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Offering Roofing Installation, Repairs and Replacement in Columbia MO

Do you need to have your roof installed? The best choice is to hire Roofing Pros in the Columbia area for your home and business roofing needs. We offer competitive prices and high-quality workmanship. Our team of professional roofers will make sure you are 100% satisfied before we leave the job site. Our company is the best choice if you’re looking to have all your roofing needs taken care of properly, perfectly, and effectively.

We are experts in customizing roofing solutions based on a variety of factors. Our experience and technical knowledge allow us to understand the unique requirements of each project and specific materials. No two properties are alike, regardless of similarities in our approach depending on property type or location, there are still many variations to consider. And that’s where our expertise and knowledge come in handy!

We offer a variety of roofing services and we render additional services to clients upon request to ensure that they get what they need and achieve the optimum roofing satisfaction that we’re aiming for.

We also perform brand new roof installation and installation support during construction. Furthermore, we provide emergency roof repair, replacement, and inspection services. We cover all aspects of roofing from temporary emergency solutions to long-term roofing.

Our company also offers custom-tailored roof services and solutions. If you are unsure of what services to acquire or how to fix your roof, don’t hesitate to contact our technician through our number or visit our website We’ll be happy to discuss your options and tailor them to your preferences, budget, and needs.

Contact us today by filling out a form or calling us to set up an appointment. We look forward to meeting you.

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Coupons and Discounts available!
How can we serve you?
100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
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When you trust us with your roofing needs, the job isn’t done until you say so.

two workers measuring width of building eaves

Roof Repair

Dependable roof repairs that last long no matter how harsh the weather conditions may be, that’s what our roofing experts have to offer.
man inspecting metal roof

Roof Inspection

We provide an honest, credible, and thorough roof inspection. This will ensure that your roofing system is properly examined and a solution is applied. Looking for a reliable roofing assessment? Get one now!
workers during residential roof replacement

Residential Roofing

Get the roofers that treat your home like their own. We have the best quality materials, the best-skilled roofers, and smart solutions for your roofing needs. Book a service now!
roof of commercial building with skylights

Commercial Roofing

Protect your business from the start and avoid production delays in the future. Rely on our excellent new roof installation, effective maintenance techniques, in-depth inspection, and enhanced repair strategies.

Overview of our Roofing Company

The roof protects the foundations of your house, both structurally or visually. It protects you, your family, and your property from adverse weather conditions. In addition, it provides you with a warm, comfortable, and well-insulated living space. A safe shelter is necessary not just for survival but for the continuity of quality living. Smart decision-making and appreciation of its value are key to maintaining a safe and well-protected home.

Every homeowner should understand the significance of a well-built roof to the longevity of your structure’s integrity. That’s why we don’t settle for average performance, we only give you the best of the best from skillful installation, execution to materials.

Doing it correctly the first time will not only provide comfort and protection but also help you avoid spending large amounts of money on repairs or reconstruction.

Get the ideal, top-quality roofing that your hard-earned property deserves. Maximize its performance and prolong its longevity through correct and effective roofing solutions delivered by the Roofing Pros of Columbia.

worker on commercial roof with blue sky in background
They were fast, efficient, and completely honest with us about what needed to be fixed and why. I would recommend them for anyone who needs roofing or other construction work done!
Dominick M.
I recently had a roof leak and I called up Columbia Roofing Pros to come out and fix it. It was fixed right away and I’ve never had another problem with it since! What a relief!
William G.
Columbia Roofing Pros was great! We had a pipe burst in our home and they were at our house within thirty minutes. They went above and beyond to protect our property, navigate with the insurance company, lead us through the process of getting it fixed, and even were able to do a lot of the work over the weekend at a discounted rate.
Seth P.

Our Roofing Services

See below for more information about our top notch roofing contracting.

Roof Repair

Your roof’s integrity is greatly affected by extreme weather conditions, harsh climate shifts, pollution, organic matter, and other environmental factors. No matter how strong or well-constructed your roof may be, it needs proper maintenance to strengthen its durability and prolong its shelf life.

Roof reconstruction and repair services are an immediate solution to roof damage from storms, common wear, and tear, as well as other natural disasters. It’s cheaper and more convenient than roof replacement, which could result in hefty roofing costs.

If you are looking to hire skilled roofers and looking forward to using high-quality roofing materials, call the reliable roofing contractor in Columbia. We are a premier roofing company with vast experience and skills. We never compromise quality over anything else because we value long-term relationships and client satisfaction.

We offer a thorough evaluation service to assess the current condition of your roof and evaluate the extent of the damage. We produce a transparent and honest roof report after an inspection which is necessary for filing insurance claims, a requirement for bank loans, and a prerequisite when selling a property.

After performing an accurate evaluation, we then make recommendations on the best way to solve your roofing problems. We approach every roof repair job by addressing the problem directly and providing long-term solutions.

With us, you’re sure that we’ll never settle for average, we deliver quality solutions. Call us now or visit our website and let’s discuss what your roofing needs are.

two workers measuring width of building eaves

Roof Inspection

The roof often goes uninspected. We only pay attention to it when visible signs of damage present themselves before us which is often too late for repair. Instead of paying a huge sum of roofing costs, invest in routine roof inspection and maintenance to reinforce its performance, and stretch out its service life.

It is important to conduct a routine roof inspection to determine the condition and health of your roofing system. Several factors affect the integrity of your roof regardless of the durability of its materials and installation. Homeowners may perform a primary inspection but we warn you that it is too risky. Going several trips on a ladder poses a high risk of falling. It’s also difficult to effectively inspect your roof without the proper skills and training.

It’s better to hire a professional roofing contractor to perform roof inspection where you’re sure and confident that you’ll get accurate results. Identifying the damages will help us decide the proper recommendations on what roofing solutions are necessary. It also helps you understand the current condition of your roof.

In-depth roof evaluation is commonly done after natural disasters, when selling or buying a property, and when you’re planning to use your property as loan collateral. Our reliable, honest and professional roof inspection service can assist you to expedite the process through transparent and honest roof reports. Our certified and trained roof evaluators conduct roof inspections and will examine every inch, crack, and hole in your roofing system to make sure you get accurate results.

man inspecting metal roof

Residential Roofing

Protect your family by investing in your home’s integrity and longevity. Your property is a lifelong investment that is worth every penny. It will also save you money on costly and lengthy repairs in the long run. Start with the most exposed area of your home that protects the entire integrity of your residence- your roofing system.

Hire the most qualified residential roofers in town, the Columbia Roofing Pros. We offer various roofing services, including commercial roofing, roof inspections, roof repairs, and new roof installation to residential and commercial establishments. We also provide emergency roof repair in case of unforeseeable circumstances and natural calamities.

We are equipped with harnessed skills, knowledge, experience, and trained expertise to address all roofing needs, regardless of style, design, or material. We are top-rated and reputable at providing reliable and fast residential roofing solutions. This includes shingle, flat, flashings, and more. We do more than finish the job, we deliver superior quality service.

Our roofing solutions are proven and tested to last long and withstand the test of time. We work closely with our customers to create the roofing style and materials you prefer. Our recommended materials include asphalt shingles and metal roofing, stone-coated steel, slate, rubber slate, concrete tiles, green roofing, and built-up roofing.

workers during residential roof replacement

Commercial Roofing

Simple roof leaks can impact the productivity and income generation of the entire workforce. It may also affect the insulation and air-conditioning system in the establishment. These are just a few of the long list of the negative effects of damaged industrial and commercial roofing.

Prevent your business from falling into such unfortunate situations. Make sure that you hire qualified, trained, and certified commercial roofing contractors. We take great pride in the skills, knowledge, experience, and individual expertise of our team in providing complete-scale commercial roofing services from replacement, maintenance to inspection and repair.

Industrial roofing is different from residential roofing. It involves huge areas and requires the same level of expertise as residential roofing. However, it requires a bigger workforce to complete the job efficiently. The materials are quite different from residential roofing since there are different factors that we need to consider.

But don’t worry because your friendly roofing contractors are well versed, knowledgeable, and trained to handle all types of commercial roofing may it be metal roofing, built-up roofing membrane (BUR), green roofing, spray-on silicone, thermoset EPDM roof membranes, thermoplastic PVC and TPO roof membranes, as well as shingle roofing. We continually strive to be at the top of the chain. We continuously improve our skills through various skills enhancement training and seminars to ensure that we stay on top of the roofing trends.

roof of commercial building with skylights

Emergency Roof Repair

Roofing is one of the most important investments you can make in your home. It’s not just about protecting your house, it’s also about protecting your family and valuables from the elements. Roof damage can be dangerous for your home and family. If you have a leaky roof, it’s important to fix the problem quickly before it becomes more serious.

A leaking or damaged roof can cause mold growth that is unhealthy for your family and pets. It also creates an unpleasant odor that makes your home less attractive to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell in the future. Have it repaired immediately before the damage develops into a full-blown reroofing issue.

When you need to get the best urgent roof repair in Columbia, MO done right away, it is important to find someone who will handle your repairs with care and professionalism. We are your local specialists who can help with emergency repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have worked for years, so we know exactly what to look for when diagnosing issues with your roof. Our team has years of experience working with all types of materials including asphalt shingle, metal, tile, slate, or wood shake roofs. We also provide full-service roof maintenance programs to ensure that your home’s roof stays in good shape for many years without any problems at all.

worker reinstalling shingles after storm
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Our Approach

We are experts in customizing roofing solutions based on your needs, expectations, and preference.

We offer exceptional roof installation that is perfect for new and extended constructions. We also perform routine maintenance, scheduled roof inspections, re-roofing, repair, and emergency temporary roofing solutions. As long as you need a reinforced and top-performing roof to keep you, your family, and your property safe, we’re just one call away.

Being a pro in the roofing industry, we are partnered with different local and international brands of roofing materials so our clients have access to the best and newest roofing materials. We are also equipped with high-powered tools, safety gears, and high-quality materials making sure that we’ve got you covered from start to finish. Sit back, relax, enjoy as we deliver and install your chosen roofing solution fit for your structure.

Frequently asked questions

We begin by inspecting the roof thoroughly to find the source of the leak. Identifying factors such as water stains and saturated insulation will help us track down the origin of the damage. We trace it back from its source by using different methods. We usually map the affected area, examine the roof horizontally starting at the top, and spray water onto the roof surface to identify the point.

After finding the source of the problem, we use a sealant to seal it seamlessly. We may also replace damaged flashings or vent boots with new ones if necessary. We also remove worn sealants and tar, replace missing, broken, or damaged shingles, and perform patching to damaged areas to ensure that every crack and hole is sealed.

Insurance companies cover roof repair, but they strictly enforce a set of guidelines regarding which claims they will approve and reject. Most insurance companies inspect your roof’s condition and the roofing materials you used. They also look for the potential damage caused by other factors. Here are some common reasons why roof repairs are not covered by insurance.

Your Roof is Too Far Old - No matter how durable the materials or how meticulously maintained, any roof will eventually fall apart, crack, and decay. Insurance companies won’t cover roofs more than 20-years old because of their high potential for damage.

Owner’s Fault- Roof damage caused by owner fault is unacceptable. This includes fallen trees and large tree branches which fell from your roof. They might claim that the tree fell from your roof because you were not responsible enough to maintain it and had it cut before it caused further damage.

Roofing Material Is Not Covered. The Damage Type is Not Covered. **Insurance firms follow certain policies concerning insurance claims, including the type of damage.

The following are some acceptable reasons for roof damage. However, you should always have a strong rebuttal if they refuse to validate your claim.

  • Lightning
  • Natural disasters
  • Smoke and Fire
  • Damage to vehicles and aircrafts
  • Deliberate destruction
  • Snow or ice buildup
  • Water and hail damage

The parameters that determine whether or not you need to replace or repair your roof are up to you. There are some things you can do to make an informed decision when deciding whether to fix or replace your roof.

  • Age your roof - If your roof has just begun its warranty period and is relatively new, a repair would be a wise decision. A roof replacement may be a better choice if your roof exceeds 20 years of age and the warranty period is about to expire.
  • The area to be repaired - A repair is only recommended if there are small damaged areas. If 50% or more of your roof is damaged, you should consider replacing it.
  • **The price of roof repair vs. replacement. -**If the cost to repair is similar to the cost to replace, it’s better for your roof. It’s an economical choice, but it’ll save you more in the long run. Signs of moisture damage to the roof deck. Temporary repairs like shingling on top of them won’t resolve the problem.
  • Availability and Time- If your goal is to have your roof repaired quickly because you will be leaving the area in a few days then this is the right choice. It’s fast and temporary, but it will prevent water from leaking.

The cost to repair your roof will depend on the roofer company you choose, where you live, and what kind of roof repair service you want to avail.

Minor roof repairs can be as low as $150 up to $400. The price range for roof repair is $400 to $1000. This often includes extensive repairs that include gutters, eaves, and gutters.

We advise against replacing roof tiles yourself. You risk further damage to your roof and expose yourself to possible accidents. Roofing services is not a D-I-Y project that anyone can do on their own. It requires extensive knowledge and skills to deliver the task correctly.

This is just a brief overview of how we replace roof shingles.

  1. To start the popping of the first-row roofing nails, insert a flat pry bar beneath the damaged roof tiles. To loosen the sealed strips, gently lift the flat pry bar.
  2. After the roofing nail has popped to 1/4 of its normal size, you may remove the flat pry bar. Push the shingle towards the ground to make it easier for you to pull out the nail. To remove the remaining three nails, just repeat the above procedure.
  3. To remove the second line of roof nails, slide a flat pry bar under each shingle. Continue following the same procedure as with the first row to remove the 8 remaining nails.
  4. Remove the roofing shingle with a gentle pull.
  5. Place the new shingle inside the appropriate space and compare both the right and left shingles for alignment.
  6. Gently lift and secure the upper roofing nail to fix the new roof shingle.

Even though winter or rainy season isn’t the best weather for roof repairs, you may still perform repair and maintenance services. Roof damage can occur in any season. A simple leak can rapidly progress into a more serious issue when left unresolved especially during the wet or cold season where water can continuously leak, saturate insulation, and flow into your ceiling, attic, walls, and floors.

Although wet seasons are riskier for roofers, they still find it beneficial because it helps them locate the source of the leak easily. It’s also favorable for them to work without having to endure the scorching heat of the sun.

Rainy weather conditions pose a risk of injury, and we recommend that you do not attempt to repair your roof yourself. Experts are trained and equipped with the proper safety equipment to perform the job properly.

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