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The Finest Commercial Roofing Serving Columbia, MO and Surrounding Areas

Do you want reliable and trustworthy roofers that use efficient and cost-effective methods? Are you looking to find a roofing company with quality and transparency, honesty and integrity, skill and professionalism? If you are looking for a roofing service provider that meets your needs with exceptional standards, then choose us.

Is it time to replace your roof? Perhaps you have noticed leaks around your commercial property that are bothering your mind. You might have experienced a recent strong typhoon that caused roof damage. Look no further, as we offer a broad range of commercial roofing solutions.

We provide a quick inspection and honest and transparent estimates. In addition, we can help you identify potential roofing issues and create proactive solutions even before the damage starts to manifest.

Full-Service Roof Solution

Are you curious as to why huge establishments choose flat or low-slope roofing? These are commonly found in extensive establishments such as those used in schools/universities, malls/shopping centers, hospitals, factories/production areas, warehouses, apartment buildings, and other large structures and establishments.

The simple explanation is that these designs work well and are economical. It’s easy to install and requires less material. The drainage on flat roofs is also less expensive. Even though they look flat, the roofs have a roughly 2% slope that allows water to flow freely through the gutter.

Flat roofs make it possible to smartly place air conditioner units for maximum ventilation and cooling efficiency. Although you may place your HVAC units in the ground, flat roofs encourage owners to place them on top of the roof. This is to ensure that the system is inaccessible to human intervention and safe against vandalism. It also maximizes energy because the cold air flows downwards. Furthermore, it is easier to spot leaks on flat roofs which encourages prompt solution and intervention.

Because flat roofs have unique drainage and water management systems that require expertise, it is important to hire skilled roofers to do the installation, maintenance inspection, and repair. Only work with the best local roofer service provider in Columbia because we put our hearts into protecting your establishment’s integrity.

Serves commercial establishments of all types

We are competent in delivering high-quality roofing solutions to all types of industries whether small scale or large-sized establishments. We are fully equipped from materials, tools, to a skillful workforce and are ready to take on the job regardless of complexity. We’ve served many different companies over the years and we can take on any roof.

Trustworthy Service

Your commercial building is the place where most transactions take place. To keep your business running smoothly and maintain your employees' productivity, it is crucial to keep a healthy, safe, and supportive workplace. Invest in your roof’s structure and help protect your company and your workforce.

Choose the best commercial roofer to do regular inspections, repair, maintenance, and re-roofing if needed. We can combine knowledge, skills, craftsmanship, and professionalism when it comes to addressing any commercial roofing requirements we are faced with. Our reputation for quality and reliability is evident in our impeccable track record.

Types of Commercial Roofing

Building-up Roofing

It is a predominant choice and has been around for over 100 years. It remains the best commercial roofing option, especially for low-sloped commercial roofs.

A BUR system contains 3-4 layers of asphalt, bitumen, and roofing fabrics called felts. As protective layers, felts are covered with glass-fiber mats (or organic mats). You may create a sturdy roofing membrane, thanks to the many layers of bitumen. BUR systems are measured by how many layers there are in the roofing membrane. The longevity of these roof membranes will depend on how many layers there are.

SBS Modified Roofing or Styrene Butadiene Styrene

The SBS Modified Roof System is made up of fiberglass and polyester material. This system promotes flexibility and can be used in areas with extreme temperatures, especially in summer and winter. It can withstand the intense heat of the summer sun, and it protects against frigid winter temperatures.

SBS Modified Roofs provide optimal performance when they are bonded with a regular roofing sheet. They offer flexibility that allows the roofing to adapt back into its normal property when confronted with harsh weather. Due to their pliability, it is one of our most sought-after roofing options.

EPDM Roofing or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer

EPDM roofing is made of strong synthetic rubber and is used as a roofing material for flat roofs and low-sloped commercial buildings. EPDM is naturally waterproof and provides reinforced roof support, preventing leaks and rainwater from escaping through the roof.

TPO-Roofing or Thermoplastic Polefin

TPO membranes exist for many decades despite being underrated. This membrane has been gaining popularity, particularly in new constructions. So what makes TPO membranes unique?

It is both environmentally friendly and flexible. This makes it a durable roofing membrane that can withstand extreme temperatures. It also has a puncture-resistant property, making it an ideal roofing choice. TPO roofing features unique benefits such as its resistance to ultraviolet rays, chemicals, and ozone.

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride Roofing

Polyvinyl Chloride roofing remains a favorite roofing option because of its fireproof, puncture-resistant, and excellent durability. It can also tolerate dirt and debris without losing its durability. It is also highly recommended in vegetative roof systems or other green roofing. It is immensely adaptable and can be used for almost any style or roof.

Tapered Insulation Systems

Because of its 20% slope, the tapered insulation system can be used in flat roof constructions. The roof’s slight slope allows rainwater to flow steadily into the gutter from its downspout to the catchment. Lacking a slight slope to the roof will cause it to last less due to the standing water that quickly affects its durability.

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